BUNZ Trading Zone

Marketing and Social Media, 2016

Bunz is a trade-only community app that connects people with others in their city to exchange goods & services. With no cash allowed in the zone, Bunz has created an alternative trade economy, maximizing resources and minimizing waste through reuse and recycling. Bunz started as a single Facebook group, but quickly grew into a collective community of over 100,000 members across all zones. This demand led to the creation of the Bunz app where users can easily upload and search for items in their area. The app is available for iOS, Android and Web platforms.

Image courtesy of Mark Blinch/The Globe and Mail

FORMS Summit and Festival

Communications, 2016

FORMS is a new 3-day festival of emergent culture that celebrates artists and thinkers who take risks and challenge convention through experimentation. Aiming to connect with people who are interested in contemplating what is possible, FORMS examines the convergence of creativity and technology and its influence on everything from digital life, human connection, urbanism, artistic expression and beyond.

Image courtesy of Nonotak

Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

Exhibit Curation, 2016

CONTACT is the largest photography event in the world, and a premiere cultural experience in Canada, with over 1500 artists in 200 exhibitions and happenings throughout the month in the Greater Toronto Area. Founded in 1997, CONTACT is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and fostering the art and profession of photography.


As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations, CONTACT expanded their program to include 20 Public Installations at sites across the city, one of which was curated by Bethea Penny of BAETLI. The installation, #DrizzyDoesUTSG, features Instagram artist @UofTDrizzy and explores the pervasiveness and ephemerality of images in social media through a series of posters across the  University of Toronto’s  St. George Campus.

Image courtesy of CONTACT Photography Festival

Center for International Experience + Royal Ontario Museum

Program Development, 2015

As part of a small team of emerging museum professionals, Bethea developed an object-based guided tour for increasing intercultural competence. Partnering with both the Royal Ontario Museum and the University of Toronto's Center for International Experience this tour became part of the larger Intercultural Learning Program Curriculum and a base for continued research on the subject. The process and result were presented at the 2016 iSchool Conference and are scheduled to be presented again at the 2016 Ontario Museums Association Conference.

Image courtesy of the ROM

North by Northeast Music Festival

Programming and Social Media, 2015

Seen as the most anticipated summer music event in Canada, North by Northeast Festival and Conference (NXNE) is an essential gathering for artists, industry, and fans. It’s a multi-disciplinary festival bringing together music, comedy, technology, visual art and film. The conference is also focused on music as well as emerging technologies, interactive, gaming and the intersection of these disciplines. In all, NXNE draws over 350,000 attendees, and generates an annual economic impact of approximately $50 million on the city of Toronto. 

Image courtesy of NXNE

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