Studio Microphone



I have a full recording studio and can supply session vocals or flute. I have experience in producing lead, harmonic, and backup vocals, as well as classical flute accompanimentAs a producer, songwriter and vocalist I perform under the artist name Arielle Minx.


I also have professional quality on-location recording equipment for field recordings and film. I work primarily with Logic Pro X and Adobe Premier Pro, but also have experience with other audio and film software. I can create clean, high quality foley and found sound sample packs.

Audio equipment includes 2 matched Røde NT1A condenser studio microphones (stereo capacity), one Focusrite CM25 condenser studio microphone, one omnidirectional lavalier clip microphone for interviews, one Audio-Technica limited edition MKII dynamic microphone, a selection of piezo/contact microphone pickups, one set of Roland WEARPRO 3D Stereo in-ear Microphones for GoPro, one Zoom H4N Pro stereo recorder with windshield for high quality on-location film & field recordings, and a Sylvania portable speaker system with with wireless microphone for on-site event performances.

Example Session Lead & Hamonic Vocals

Example Session Flute & Gang Vocals

For more audio projects, check out my artist page for Arielle Minx:

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